Sermons for download

Here you will find past sermons from tbc which you can listen to online, or download as required by clicking on one of the links below. The talks are recorded in MP3 format.

Our 2018 preaching series were:
 - Jan-Feb: Faithful Living (from 1&2 Timothy)
 - Mar: Messianic Prophecies (from Isaiah)
 - Apr-May: Walking with Jesus (from Matthew)
 - June-July: Dare to Stand Alone (from Daniel 1-6)
 - July-August: Bible Baddies (following on from Heroes and Heroines in summer 2016 and 2017)
 - Sept-Nov: Learning from the Early Church (from Acts)

Our 2019 preaching series are:
 - Jan-June: Jesus' Teaching on...
 - Jan-June: The Fruit of the Spirit (from Galations 5)  (alternating between both series)
 - June-Sept: Joseph: Journey into Discipleship

If you have any problems listening to sermons, or would like to discuss anything you have heard, please contact us via the website.


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