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You will find all sorts of people in the tbc family – young and old; united nations, including Pakistan, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Iran, Jamaica, China and Scotland; people with PhDs and others with learning difficulties; professionals, working class, unemployed and retired; scientists, engineers, artists and child-minders; people who have attended church for many years, and those who have started recently; people who have believed in Jesus for a long time, and others who are still seeking.

Our worship together is varied and lively but Bible-based, with different styles of music ranging from traditional organ through Celtic melodies to reggae and upbeat rhythms using drums and guitars.  We use multi-media technology to project song words, images and film clips to help people connect their Christian faith to the modern world. We aim to involve people ages in relevant worship.

We hold social events (such as Men's breakfasts or skittles, Ladies' Pudding Club, Quizzes and Harvest craft event) which enable people to get to know each other in the church family and have fun together.

We get involved in our community in practical ways, including our local park, Perrett’s Park, where some tbc members formed COPP – The Community of Perrett’s Park. 

With all this diversity, you might think there can be no agreement. But we have one thing in common – we believe that Jesus is the One who came to bring all people, of every race, status and gender together to be his family. On fringe issues, we can disagree, but on the person of Jesus we are united. We warmly invite you to join this family of God.

Q. What is there for me at Totterdown?

There's something for everybody at Totterdown, whether you're young or old. We hold morning and evening services on Sundays. The morning service is family-orientated with children being encouraged to take part in worship. After the first twenty five minutes or so altogether, the children under 16 leave for Junior and Youth Churches, whilst the adults remain in church for the sermon, prayers etc. Every second Sunday is an all-age service where children and adults are involved in the whole service, which lasts about an hour.  The evening service meets in the parlour and tends to be more informal and interactive. People are encouraged to participate in Bible study and prayer.

Q. How do I find out more?

If you want to find out more about God, Christianity and life, then Growth Groups are a good place to start. We have a number of groups that meet on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in people's homes. The meetings are only around an hour and a half long and very informal, so if you want to share ideas, ask questions and meet other Christians or just find out what it's all about, feel free to come along. For more information about growth groups contact us.

If you want to explore the meaning of life and why Jesus is important, why not ask if we are running any enquirers' courses (such as Alpha or Puzzling Questions)?

Q. What about children?

As well as Junior and Youth Church on a Sunday morning, we also have a Youth Group that meets on Friday evenings twice a month. Girls’ Brigade also meets at tbc on Tuesdays from 6.15pm, and is open to girls aged from 4-18 years.

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