Growth Groups

Growth Groups are small groups for Bible Study, Prayer and Friendship.  We call them “growth” groups because they aim to help you to grow as a person, whatever stage of life you're at. Don't worry if you're not sure where you're at in life; most of us don't know! We are all on a journey and Growth Groups will help you to make some sense of it.

Q. What happens at a group?

The groups are held in people's homes and usually start in the early evening. Each group is unique and does things differently, but generally when people arrive they share coffee or tea (and biscuits) and then work through a Bible reading. Afterwards, they discuss the passage they've read with the help of some questions that add focus, and talk about how it affects day to day living.  There’s always time to pray about important things, such as issues you’re facing at work.

Q. When are the groups held?

The groups are currently held on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, so one should hopefully work out for you, even with busy schedules. There are quite a few groups (6 at last count) located in the Knowle/Totterdown/Windmill Hill/Brislington area, so if time isn't a problem, try the group that's nearest you! There is also a Daytime Growth Group which meets at 2.00pm on Tuesday afternoons.

To discuss which is the best group for you, contact us.

Hmmm... I'm still not sure...

If you don't like the idea of turning up as a complete stranger at someone's house, then why not come along to a Sunday service and find out what we're like? You're free to come and go at any time in the service and won't get pointed out from the front by the pastor if you're a new face – promise!

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