Mission Organisations

As a church we actively support the following organisations:

Victoria Park Food Bank
The Victoria Park Foodbank helps people with emergency food needs (up to 3 days food) – especially for people residing in South Bristol. The Foodbank is based out of Victoria Park Baptist Church, our neighbouring Baptist Church.
Clients are typically referred to us via a range of agencies including social services, social workers, local schools, women’s’ refuges and help centres who issue a voucher. The voucher is presented at the Foodbank and the food issued. Vouchers can be emailed to agencies and then printed as required on request.
A person is considered to be in food crisis if they have no food and no money with which to buy food. All those helping on the Foodbank are volunteers. They will treat clients with respect and dignity and will expect to be treated the same.
Filwood Hope
Filwood Hope is an Advice Centre which offers a wide range of advice, support, expertise and counselling to the people of Knowle West and South Bristol. Inspired by the life and love of Jesus, their purpose is to be alongside people in the local community who are in need of a person to share the weight of difficulties they are facing. Filwood Hope provides accessible advice to the majority of the Knowle West estate, and has been running since 1996.
Crisis Centre Ministries
Crisis Centre Ministries is a Christian charity that has been working in Bristol for over 30 years, dedicated to helping those with life disrupting problems, such as homelessness and addiction, to enjoy a healthy independent life. Crisis Centre Ministries is rooted in the Christian faith. God commands his followers to love him, love our fellow neighbours and to help those less fortunate than ourselves.
Leprosy Mission
The Leprosy Mission is an international Christian development organisation that diagnoses, treats and offers specialist care, including reconstructive surgery, to leprosy patients. Their aim is to transform and empower the lives of people affected by leprosy. The Leprosy Mission works in around 30 leprosy-endemic countries. As well as providing healthcare, the Leprosy Mission offer rehabilitation, education, vocational training, small business loans, housing and fresh water supplies and sanitation to tens of thousands of people each year. They provide a springboard to restored health, self-sufficiency and renewed hope. Their services are provided regardless of religion or ethnicity, promoting equality and social justice.
Baptist Home Mission
Home Mission helps Baptist churches and individuals in the UK to reach their mission potential and bring the love of God to their communities. It is the Baptist family purse, and  supports Regional Associations as well as giving direct grants to local churches and missional projects.
BMS World Mission
BMS works in many ways around the world, including church planting, development, disaster relief, education, health, and media and advocacy. Mission personnel can go long-term, mid-term, short-term or as part of a team.
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