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We are currently in a period of 'pastoral vacancy' as we seek a new minister.

As we look to the future do join us as we pray that we would seek together to continue to serve and glorify God in Totterdown, Knowle and beyond.

Laurie Burn had been the pastor of tbc from August 2006 to April 2017. From May 2017 he took up the post of part-time Pastor of Fivehead Baptist Church, near Taunton in Somerset (https://fiveheadbaptist.co.uk).

Church Leaders

tbc's Leadership Team (the 'Diaconate') are responsible for the spiritual direction and day-to-day management / administration of the Church.


The Elders' principal role is the spiritual oversight of the church. They meet regularly to pray about and discuss issues such as the church’s teaching programme, spiritual direction, specific or sensitive pastoral issues, values, policies etc.

Our Elders are:
  - Paul Loader
  - Ian Spencer
  - Elaine Temlett


The Deacons are responsible for the practical oversight and running of the church, such as: Finance, Fellowship, Mission, Children’s & Youth work, Fabric, Health & Safety, Administration and Legal matters regarding the functioning of the charity.

Our Deacons are:
 - Jenny Bowen
 - Kelly Brown
 - Clare Fielding
 - Sam Piggot
 - Ruth Whiter


  Secretary - Jonathan Rayers
  Treasurer - Mandy Schneider

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